Wednesday, 16 March 2011

beginner like me tayongzki

Good day, it’s a new journey to us all even our star in us never shine but still it waits…. And there would be a time that it glitters to the extreme.

Few days before, I was surprise and heartfelt when I saw on TV what happen in Japan – Earthquakes then tsunami --- big big disaster, well if mother nature wants it she will get it anyway. But to think of it we must be aware always even that , never happen yet in short words “ be ready anytime ”.

”. Living here in the Philippines we all aware in earthquakes, tsunami, typhoon and other natural disaster maybe except snow we don’t have it here. Preparation in natural disaster we aren’t prepare,  because lack of information, communication and awareness drive here in our country maybe  the issue in Japan  would make people here in our country even in the whole world be awaken and prepare for that kind of calamities .  As a Christian , also we must pray for strength , courage, hope and prayer for our brothers and sisters to be safe in any danger and natural disaster happen to them. Until tomorrow  then.

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