Monday, 24 June 2013

Will iPhone 5S have dual-LED flash?

Will iPhone 5S have dual-LED flash? 

Over the past few weeks images of a device that is reportedly the iPhone 5S have been hitting the web and a new photo has appeared, once again suggesting the presence of a dual-LED flash upgrade. 
The images of what is claimed to be the iPhone 5S come from Weibo user Palm Uncle, who is generally considered a reliable source, having previously gotten his hands on leaked images of Samsung's Galaxy S4 LTE. The images were later posted to technology site Slash Gear.
Previously leaked images also showed a dual-LED flash set-up at the top right-hand side of the phone, and  Slash Gear suggests that the leaked images combine to show the entirety of the hotly awaited device.
Other than the addition of the dual-LED flash system, which would give users of the iPhone 5S access to more brightness than before, possibly making the device better for photography, the phone would also appear to be ever so slightly thinner than the 5.
Aside from the dual-LED flash system and the difference in thickness, bloggers and tech experts have been hard pressed to identitfy any major differences between the 5 and the new device in the images. The idea that the next iPhone will not be a complete re-design of Apple's famous device is also supported by pictures reported to be of the logic board which emerged earlier in June yet did not, according to several expert blogs, appear to show any significant difference to those found in the 5.

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