Sunday, 14 July 2013

I scream for ice cream


Aside from the larger ice cream companies that have been around forever, Manila is now experiencing a surge of smaller scale ice cream businesses with flavors that will blow your mind, and your tastebuds. Since they are catering more to individual tastes more than the mass market, you can bet that you will find something to satisfy your sweet tooth, whether it craves chocolate or a more fruity taste.
Here are a few delicious treats to cool you off in our still scorching weather:

Pinkerton Red Velvet Ice Cream:  Imagine a thick, creamy vanilla packed with red velvet cake chunks--it's every dessert lovers dream! Owner Alexandra Rocha can even collaborate with you to get your perfect flavor.
More about ice cream Here!Mochiko Avocado Mochi:  A personal favorite, this little ball of goodness has all the flavor and creaminess of real avocado, wrapped in a sticky rice flour sheet. They also have fun flavors such as Chocnut and their newest offering, potato chip-chocolate, for those who love the sweet and salty combination. Check out their More about ice cream Here!
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Merry Moo Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream: Again, sweet and salty combo lovers will be delighted with this flavor! The caramel tastes very toasted , but not burnt and it has a hint of saltiness that enhances it's sweetness without giving you a toothache. The people at Merry Moo are also very adventurous in their flavors so check for new ones form time to time. .

Carmen's Best Brazilian Coffee: For those who can't live without your cuppa joe, Carmen's Best Brazilian Coffee might be able to hit your caffeine and dessert needs at the same time. They use only the freshest milk and cream from their own farm to make their ice cream.

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