Thursday, 1 August 2013

Google+ trends: Samsung beat out Apple in consumer survey

The Samsung Galaxy S3 

On Thursday, August 1, Google+ users are buzzing about news that the Samsung Galaxy S3 beat Apple's iPhone 5 in a US consumer satisfaction survey.
The survey, conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index and released July 31, found that in terms of consumer satisfaction, the Samsung Galaxy S3 rated higher than Apple's iPhone 5.
Each phone was assigned a score on a scale of 0-100, the Galaxy S3 was awarded 84, the Galaxy Note 2 also scored 84. Apple's iPhone 5 came in third place with a score of 82, the 4S also scored 82 and the iPhone 4 came fifth with a score of 81.
Google+ users, and presumably fans of Samsung, are sharing the news under Thursday's third-placed trending topic "Galaxy S3."
Elsewhere on Google+ users of the social network are sharing images of leaves under "#LeavesOnThursday".
Under this hashtag Micha Fire shared an image of a vaguely heart shaped leaf and Ray Bilcliff shared an image of a butterfly resting on a leaf.
The top 5 most talked about topics on Google+ on August 1 at 9:00 AM GMT are:
01.   #LeavesOnThursday02.   #Pictures03.   Galaxy S304.   #TravelThursday05.   Mariano Rajoy

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