Sunday, 23 June 2013

new dishes from leftovers!

7 new dishes from leftovers 

Baking dishes, as opposed to frying them, pushes you to eat healthy without all that absorbed fat from frying oil. All you need to do is grind your leftover meat, sauté in tomato sauce, and (in a baking dish) layer with lasagna pasta, cheese, and cream. Top with grated cheese before baking.
 7 new dishes from leftovers 

Ground pork/beef with tomato sauce
We love tomato sauce because it can disguise almost anything into looking—and tasting—like a well-thought-out meal. Chop leftover pork (or beef) and sauté with vegetables and tomato sauce. Then serve with rice! (With a couple slices of fried saba and a sunny-side-up egg tossed in, you get arroz ala cubana!)


 7 new dishes from leftovers 

Baked mac
This one is a win-win: you get to use leftover meat in the dish and kids love baked mac. Just dice your leftover meat, mix it with some cream, pour on top of half-cooked macaroni, and grate cheddar cheese over everything. Bake the pasta just until the cheese turns golden brown.


7 new dishes from leftovers 


Chicken pie
If you’re more into baking than cooking, this one is perfect for you then. Shred your leftover chicken, sauté, and season. Then place in pastry pockets and bake. Serve with your choice of dipping sauce.

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