Saturday, 22 June 2013

Samsung launches world's first hybrid camera with Android and 3G/4G mobile internet connectivity

Samsung launches world's first hybrid camera with Android and 3G/4G mobile internet connectivity

As well as having interchangeable lenses like a full DSLR camera, the Samsung GALAXY NX can run Android smartphone and tablet apps, can connect to the internet over cellular networks and even has Trip Advisor built-in.
When considered solely as a camera, the Galaxy NX has specs to match or rival anything else currently in the hybrid or mirrorless four thirds segment -- a 20 megapixel image sensor, an IOS range that tops out at 25600, support for jpeg, RAW and 3D image files, plus a number of wide angle and telephoto lenses. Physically, it also more resembles a classic DSLR than some of the more lightweight alternatives on the market, making it easier and more secure to hold with one hand, thanks to its molded, enlarged grip around the shutter button.
Its other specifications, namely its Android 4.2 operating system and its host of bundled software and apps, are more at home on a smartphone or tablet. As well as offering users direct access to Google Maps via its 4.8-inch HD touchscreen, they can also watch YouTube, check their email, buy and read e-books.
"The GALAXY NX reflects the unique needs of a user who needs to take professional photos and share them immediately in any situation. For those who want to express themselves and the exciting moments that make up their lives quickly, easily and on the go, the GALAXY NX is an ideal choice," said Myoung Sup Han, Senior Vice President and Head of the Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics, by means of explaining the logic behind the product. And while sharing photos or even transferring them from a standalone digital camera to other devices can be a long drawn-out process, especially since the advent of smartphones with superior image capture capabilities, it's difficult to imagine a situation where an owner would take this camera out on a shoot or on a holiday without also taking a phone too.
Then there's the fact that it supports 3G and 4GLTE mobile internet -- something that requires a data allowance contract or at least a pay-as-you-go option. Doubtless, access to superfast interent for uploading images immediately to the cloud or to a features desk of a newspaper or magazine could be a killer feature for photojournalists and other professionals, but for dedicated amateurs and consumers who simply love taking and sharing high-quality photos, there is already a huge range of accessories and other devices that can offer the same sort of functionality with their existing devices.
For example, the Eye-Fi Pro X2 is a memory card with built in wi-fi and a supporting app which, when loaded into a camera, enables it to transfer images to a smartphone, tablet or computer. Or the foto.sosho V.4, a camera extension cover for the iPhone that comes complete with interchangeable lenses and boosts picture quality up to digital camera quality standards, which features a slide-out keyboard and can be unclipped and dropped into a bag when not in use.
Samsung is yet to confirm pricing or availability for the Galaxy NX.

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