Monday, 24 June 2013

How to Feel Full, Not Fat

How to feel full, not fat - sleep 

Get enough sleep
When your body is deprived of sleep it produces more ghrelin and less leptin. These are the hormones that are involved in the regulation of appetite; ghrelin is produced largely in the stomach and accelerates your appetite, while leptin decreases appetite as it's the hormone that signals satiety.




How to feel full, not fat -hydrate 

Get hydrated
The daily recommended amount of water to drink is around the eight glasses mark, but many of us don't get anywhere near that amount and as a result when we feel hungry, it is often because we're actually thirsty. Drink a glass or two of water before a meal, and when you do eat, the food will feel more filling.





How to feel full, not fat - smaller plate  

Get a smaller plate
People tend to fill their plate however big it is, and most of us eat until it is empty. And the aim of getting a 'clean plate' makes us more likely to override the satiety signals that stop us eating. So, swap your normal plate for a slightly smaller one, and you'll find your 'full' switch will flip a little sooner.




 How to feel full, not fat - fiddly foods 

Choose fiddly foods
If you eat foods that take a little time and effort to eat, this will allow time for your body to recognize the feeling of fullness. Good examples of fiddly foods are corn on the cob, a crunchy salad or fish with bones, these types of foods force you to eat more slowly and help you to feel full quicker.

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