Thursday, 27 June 2013

Most healthy breakfast options


Eggs: While eggs make for an excellent breakfast option for kids, adults must tread cautiously. “Get your lipid profile checked,” recommends Dr Prasad, before you go on an egg eating spree. If your cholesterol is high, make sure you stay away from egg yolk. A good source of protein, selenium and riboflavin, egg whites are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. So beat in one or two egg whites, add some chopped veggies (cut and store in refrigerator), a pinch of turmeric, salt and red-chilli powder to taste — mix and scramble or make an omelette. “You can add a slice of brown bread, if you choose,” says Dr Prasad 


 Steamed idlis: Your neighbourhood supermarket is most likely to have a stock of idli batter. Cook idlis the night before, if you’re too rushed in the morning. Eat idlis with honey, it’s yummy and won’t require additional time for making chutney or such. In the morning, microwave idlies, pour some honey and you’re ready to go.


 Oats: High in fibre, oats is known to help regulate blood sugar levels and keep cholesterol under check. What more? It’s easy to make too. Again, Dr Prasad suggests adding nuts and fruits or dried fruits to that oat porridge. 


Poha (flattened rice): Poha is simple to make and takes very little time too. “Add veggies like peas, and perhaps even carrots into your poha to make it more nutritious,” says Dr Prasad. Keep some roasted groundnuts handy to add that extra zing to your poha, groundnuts are also healthy as they pack in antioxidants, folate and a host of other nutrients. 

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