Monday, 24 June 2013

Get Your Online Video Some Hits


 Think you waste enough time on YouTube? Back in 2012, 72 hours of video were uploaded on YouTube every minute. And a good chunk of that were homemade videos, shot by everyday people, hoping to be the next “YouTube sensation.” Hey, it worked for singing sensations Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy.

But the sad fact remains: just because you uploaded what you think is the best video ever, doesn’t mean it will trend. 87% of online marketers use video content to push their products, along with the many millions of individuals uploading their cat videos online. So not only are you battling it out with other internet celeb-wannabes, but you’re also jumping in a pool where many big companies are splashing around in, as well.

So what to do if you’ve already got your heart set on being the next most-shared video on Facebook? Here are a few tips.

Do it in HD.
According to social media news site, nine out of the ten videos that went viral in 2012 were professionally made. Which means, the better the quality of the video, the more chances people will stick around to watch it. You don’t need access to a professional director and camera crew. Even the dinkiest phones that are equipped with cameras can take videos with high resolution. So unless you were shooting in a thunderstorm, there’s really no excuse to upload a video with poor quality.

Avoid “product shots”.
Nothing can turn someone off more than blatantly talking about and showing items that you’re clearly endorsing. If someone wanted to watch ads, they’d go to ad websites (or turn on their television sets). Unless you’re selling the product in a creative manner, keep any branded items out of the shot.

Take risks.

We’re not saying you should attempt to do dangerous stunts. But don’t be afraid to do something that’s out of the ordinary. If it’s genuine enough, people will pick up on your game-ness and be interested in seeing what happens.

Be yourself.
There’s only one Rebecca Black. There’s only one PSY. There’s only one cat who can play a keyboard like he owns it. The point is, don’t try to be someone else. Be yourself—everyone else is taken, or has been filmed and uploaded already. Show why you’re unique, and why you’re worth being watched. Be believable, be touchable, be real. Let your personality shine through.

Show emotions.

No one wants to watch videos that are as emotionally appealing as watching paint dry. Let your audience feel something when they watch your video. Let them feel happiness, sadness, or heck, even anger by the time they’re at the last second of your video. Tell a story, and leave them with something to remember you by.

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