Friday, 21 June 2013

iHAP: Tourism that gives back

Cebu You’re My Boo

The island of Cebu offered an adrenalin rush never found in any of the other islands. It was here where the travellers had the chance to swim with fish larger than their boat called “Tuki,” or Visayan for Whaleshark. Later that day, what they thought was a typical waterfall sight-seeing trip turned out to be action-packed as well. The group literally went chasing watersfalls starting with the main Kawasan Falls and its beautiful swimming pool like lagoon. Few steps above it is another waterfalls, where one can jump off a 15 feet high drop and dive into the refreshing spring water natural pool. Two more waterfalls followed this and if not for the time constraint, the group would have been more than willing to venture deep into the forest to see the rest of the river.

 Boracay... You Sexy Beach

iHAP surely saved the best for last when it placed the World’s Best Island of Boracay as the last stop of the adventure. It was a great oppurtunity for everyone to recuperate after more than a week of exploration but at the same time still do their activity of choice since the island typically has any beach activity that one could think of. Most opted to try riding the zorb, giant inflated rubber ball that is being rolled down a gentle slope. Another group, tried reef walking and parasailing while others preferred to stay low key and decided to just jog the entire stretch of the white beach.

The night ended in style with everyone lounging at the Solana Bar in Shangri-la Boracay. The iHAPers shared their most favorite part of the trip as they enjoy the view of the sun setting in the horizon of one of the resort’s private cove.  Nick, one of the travellers, fell in love with the natural beauty of the country and the immense hospitality of its people that he is currently thinking of resettling in the Philippines in the near future.

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