Monday, 24 June 2013

How to Feel Full, Not Fat

How to feel full, not fat - focus on food 

Keep eating simple
People can eat more when they dine in company or with the television on because they become distracted as to what exactly is going into their mouth. Make sure mealtimes are all about the food; focus on it entirely and you'll feel full sooner. Avoid fast-paced music too, this can increase the speed you eat, resulting in a clean plate before your body is able to recognize it is full. (All photos by Thinkstock)




 How to feel full, not fat - chew  

Smell and chew
When you eat make sure you give your meal a good sniff as concentrating on the smell of your food as well as the taste also switches on satiety signals. Secondly, chew, chew, chew, and chew some more. Some of the hormones needed to send the satiety signals to the brain are released by your chomping.




 How to feel full, not fat - bulky and moist 

Go for bulky and moist
The rationale behind the bulky and moist rule is pretty straightforward; simply the more air and water in food the quicker it will fill you up. So, in terms of food swaps, have vegetable soup rather than a pasty, plain air-popped popcorn instead of crisps and grapes in place of raisins.




 How to feel full, not fat - wait after fat  

Wait after fat
If you do have a meal with a high-fat content then make sure you allow time for that feeling of fullness to come. It can take longer for sense of satiety to come from a fatty meal compared to meal high in protein for example, so allow time for the feeling of fullness from the fat to kick in.

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