Friday, 14 June 2013

Pink bicycles and Plastic statuettes

Pink bicycles placed just above the water celebrate the arrival of the Giro d'Italia in Schalkwijk, a

small town ouside of Utrecht, May 4, 2010. Several cities in the Netherlands placed pink art forms to

announce the departure on May 8 of the international cycling event. Picture taken May 4, 2010.

REUTERS/Michael Kooren

Plastic statuettes of 16th-century Protestant reformer Martin Luther, which are part of the art

installation 'Martin Luther - I'm standing here' by German artist Ottmar Hoerl, are pictured in the main

square in Wittenberg, eastern Germany August 11, 2010. The installation of 800 one-metre high

figurines, based on a statue of Martin Luther on the town square and intended to replace it while it is

being renovated, will be open to the public on August 14 and runs till September 12, 2010. Hoerl's

creation has created some controversy, with some Protestant theologians saying the statuettes, make

a mockery of Luther's achievements. REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

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